Sep. 13th, 2016

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So, i think im kind of over tumblr (but i still have my account ... we'll see), so i just thought i could check on dreamwidth and find out if people are still alive on here. i remember when i was still a newbie in fandom and was always lurking around (and never talking to anyone) on livejournal and dreamwidth, but these days everything seems much slower in these parts.

as i just got into hbo's oz about two weeks ago, my search for some intense slow-burning miguel/ryan made me stumble thrhough fanfiction archives with all the dead links, communities which were last active 2004 and (where good story-telling seems to go to die) -- so maybe on dreamwidth there's on echo to my constant screaming ("Men is 80 percent water!")?

Okay, so hi :) in case i sound strange: english is not my first language (but i would feel really strange talking german on the internet) and as of now i don't really know how this site actually works (as i said: don't hurt me)

... maybe i'll change my theme (a few hundred times more) -- still not happy with it.
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I'm also randomly subscribing to journals that i might find interesting, so please don't be alarmed if my name pops up in your notifications or wherever (... i still have no clue about the social rules and etiquette on here *shrugs*)


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