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today, i really didn't want to work, but like the contributing member of society that i am, i motivated myself because: money and hey, you can do whatever you like, as soon as your done with the workload! when i finished at 5pm, i was immidiately bored and depressed and been like that ever since, so: great day!

on a more hilarious note, i found out that the next fifty shades of grey trailer is out and im here to promote this cinematic masterpiece to my non-existent audience (can't wait to illegally download this trashbag)

also themarysue told me, that the next one will have tyler hoechlin and hugh dancy in it, and i really can't tell, if that means, that god hates me or loves me.

And then there's "Colossal", which premiered at TIFF and apparently has Anne Heathway discovering, that her alcoholism and mental breakdown is connected to a giant monster, that runs havoc in south korea -- so i guess things are not all bad.

speaking of movies: anyone, who hasn't already, should check out the trailer of american honey , but as that's old news, really, i wanted to share the beatiful song from the trailer (with the void), which i listen to every freaking day

non sequitur (kinda): as halloween-month is fast approaching, I'm gonna have to come up with my list for the 31 days/31 horror movies challenge i want to personally inflect on myself in the next few days.

all done? i guess. i really like movies.
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