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I'm on fire!
no, really, I've been such a good girl all week. i not only good a lot of work done, but i've also managed to steer my sleeping schedule in the right direction, did some housework and been generally awesome at taking care of myself.
I also started saying "fuck them" out loud, when i remember those two friends, that didn't react to my text messages.

my movie list for october is also pretty good so far. i think i've good about 20 movies on there that i'm sure i want to watch and a few maybes. and as scream queens has excellent timing with putting out the new season, i'm gonna rewatch the first one tonight (not all of it though, gotta keep my sleeping schedule in mind).

I've also been trying to get myself out of the house a bit more (i'm working from home, so i generally don't have to leave my apartement as much as regular people). so, you know what's awesome? listening to porn while taking walks in the golden hour.
Click for the sweetest smut
(Teen Wolf: Stiles Stilinski/Jackson Whittemore Derek Hale/Jackson Whittemore Lydia Martin/Jackson Whittemore) This exactly the kind of shit that makes me love fandom ;)

Apropos: I've been reading a few of the articles of vox.com's series on fan culture and i especially wanted to rec this one, that talks about fandom as a creative space for women and all that jazz (there's also a really good one on the "subtext" and heteronormativity in "Harry Potter and The Cursed Child" (which i haven't read yet ... the book, not the article)

as of now, im at my 23. book of 2016 (the goal is 25, so i'm right on track) and i'm really happy that i read so much more this year than the last. (it's all thanks to the e-reader i got for my birthday and the power of illegal downloading) i just started "The Maze Runner" and so far i'm very much not impressed. but i put it as "currently reading" on goodreads so i guess, i'll have to finish it now, meh.

do a little dance, make a little move, get down tonight?

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today, i really didn't want to work, but like the contributing member of society that i am, i motivated myself because: money and hey, you can do whatever you like, as soon as your done with the workload! when i finished at 5pm, i was immidiately bored and depressed and been like that ever since, so: great day!

on a more hilarious note, i found out that the next fifty shades of grey trailer is out and im here to promote this cinematic masterpiece to my non-existent audience (can't wait to illegally download this trashbag)

also themarysue told me, that the next one will have tyler hoechlin and hugh dancy in it, and i really can't tell, if that means, that god hates me or loves me.

And then there's "Colossal", which premiered at TIFF and apparently has Anne Heathway discovering, that her alcoholism and mental breakdown is connected to a giant monster, that runs havoc in south korea -- so i guess things are not all bad.

speaking of movies: anyone, who hasn't already, should check out the trailer of american honey , but as that's old news, really, i wanted to share the beatiful song from the trailer (with the void), which i listen to every freaking day

non sequitur (kinda): as halloween-month is fast approaching, I'm gonna have to come up with my list for the 31 days/31 horror movies challenge i want to personally inflect on myself in the next few days.

all done? i guess. i really like movies.
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I'm also randomly subscribing to journals that i might find interesting, so please don't be alarmed if my name pops up in your notifications or wherever (... i still have no clue about the social rules and etiquette on here *shrugs*)
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So, i think im kind of over tumblr (but i still have my account ... we'll see), so i just thought i could check on dreamwidth and find out if people are still alive on here. i remember when i was still a newbie in fandom and was always lurking around (and never talking to anyone) on livejournal and dreamwidth, but these days everything seems much slower in these parts.

as i just got into hbo's oz about two weeks ago, my search for some intense slow-burning miguel/ryan made me stumble thrhough fanfiction archives with all the dead links, communities which were last active 2004 and fanfiction.net (where good story-telling seems to go to die) -- so maybe on dreamwidth there's on echo to my constant screaming ("Men is 80 percent water!")?

Okay, so hi :) in case i sound strange: english is not my first language (but i would feel really strange talking german on the internet) and as of now i don't really know how this site actually works (as i said: don't hurt me)

... maybe i'll change my theme (a few hundred times more) -- still not happy with it.


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